Seven aspects/Seven days, based on the framework of:
What I Tell All My Patients About Losing Weight & Getting Healthy by Dr. Mark Hyman

Important for so many reasons, from insulin resistance/pre-Diabetes to exhaustion to foggy brain to obesity or being STUCK at your current weight no matter what you do…..

Pick even one of these five strategies to change today and witness what happens this week. Which one will YOU change today…to change YOU?
How To Get High-Quality, Uninterrupted Sleep Every Night!
You’ve seen the infographic that shows the vast, devastating havoc too little sleep creates in your
body. Perhaps you’ve also seen studies that show even a partial night’s sleep deprivation can
make you more insulin resistant, setting the stage for obesity and type 2 diabetes. I certainly don’t
need to describe the over-caffeinated, sluggish morning a crappy night’s sleep can mercilessly
So can we all agree you should be getting 7-9 hours of high quality, uninterrupted sleep every
night? If only getting sufficient sleep was as easy to actually get as it is to agree we need it.
Luckily, these five strategies can help.
1. Exercise early.
“Staying active and exercising on a regular basis has been shown to improve sleeping problems
of insomniacs and people with sleeping disorders,” writes Krista Styker. “And not only can regular
exercise significantly improve your sleep quality, it can also give you that pep that makes you
want to get out of bed in the morning and do things.”
Burst training and weight resistance are my favorite early-morning exercises, but even a brisk 30-
minute walk in the morning or early afternoon can improve sleep patterns.
Remember: Timing is crucial here. “To help with sleep, the best time to exercise is at least six
hours before bedtime,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, who notes working out too close to slumber can
keep you tossing at night.
2. Limit caffeine.
Coffee qualifies as a food group in my mind, yet I’m well aware of its downsides. You know what
I’m talking about if you’ve ever thrown back just one cup too many or downed that Americano too
late in the day. Or you may just be a slow caffeine metabolizer, which makes you more sensitive
to caffeine than most. It can make you wired, anxious and irritable.
“Caffeine can stay in your body 8-14 hours after consuming it,” writes Lauren Noreen, who says
“if you are having trouble sleeping, try completely eliminating it for a month and see if that
improves your sleep.” If that’s not an option, stick to a cup or two of organic, mycotoxin-free
coffee to get the benefits you deserve and sleep well.
After my morning java, I usually switch to green tea, which supports healthy gut bacteria and
boosts metabolism. This wonder beverage contains theanine, which raises GABA, a calming
brain chemical that combats depression, promotes good sleep and helps your body overcome
food intolerance.
3. Develop a ritual.
“One of the keys to getting a good night’s sleep is preparation,” writes Dr. Susan Blum. “A good
nightly wind-down routine will not only help you to fall asleep, but will also help you to stay asleep.
Begin at least an hour before bedtime by turning off any electronics … The light from the screens
and the stimulation of watching them literally keep your brain in the ‘on’ position.”
My ritual involves chamomile tea, an Epsom salts bath and a good (but not great) novel. Yours
might entail meditation, deep breathing, gentle yoga or reading an inspirational book. Find what
ritual works for you and make it a habit.
4. Control stress.
Your stress hormone cortisol should be highest in the morning and gradually taper throughout the
day. Ramped-up cortisol past its prime crashes serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical that helps
you feel calm and optimistic and sleep well. Eventually, your body gets tired of producing all that
excess cortisol and your levels drop, causing you to feel sluggish, unmotivated and fatigued. A
vicious “wired and tired” feeling ensues as stress impedes sleep and vice versa.
“Inadequate sleep weakens our ability to handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system,
moderate our emotions, and think clearly,” writes Krystelle Fournier. So try using breathwork and
meditation to help control stress levels. A better night’s sleep is one of many benefits from
keeping stress levels in check.
5. Don’t snack before bed.
When you go to bed full, you’re not moving your diet or sleep in the right direction. First, it’s not
comfortable to try to sleep with a full stomach and many people toss and turn, or make frequent
bathroom trips when they eat too late, all of which impede sleep.
Going to bed on a full stomach can also suppress ghrelin, a hormone you want to be highest at
night. That’s because ghrelin triggers the release of growth hormone (GH) when we sleep. GH
helps your body heal, recover and make muscle and bone, so ghrelin is the last thing you want to
shut down during sleep. Have a substantial dinner and close up the kitchen. If you still have 11PM
hankerings, have a glass of water.
What one strategy would you add for a solid, uninterrupted night’s slumber?
What does that even mean? What exactly IS a whole food, what counts as ‘processed’, and how do I decide what to eat and buy? Too many people make this seem big and difficult, so let’s just take this simply:
Real whole foods:
-have ONE ingredient.
-most come in their own package (think fruits and vegetables) or something real close to it that contains it (think fats, meats, dairy, grains).
-you can pronounce and spell the ingredient(s)
Processed foods:
-have MULTIPLE ingredients
-most come in boxes, cans, bottles, and various packaging with plastic lining/ container – most often BPA, an endocrine disruptor (think drinks and most canned foods).
-you can hardly spell it and can’t pronounce some ingredients

Taking it a little more complex, a couple other differences:
Real whole foods:
-contain micro-nutrients, naturally occurring fiber, and antioxidant phytochemicals
-composed of naturally occurring cellular structure our bodies recognize and can process.
Processed foods:
-many contain added artificial nutrients, added fibrous material (wood pulp is a biggie), and toxic chemicals.
-composed by artificial processes which render the ‘food’ unrecognizable by the body to process.
So, what to do?
You don’t have to go gangbusters and jump into 100% organic or bust.
Begin with two simple steps:
1. Switch IN one real whole food item each day.
2. Switch OUT one processed food each day.
See? Not so difficult. Keep it up and in a week or so, maybe even sooner, you’ll even begin to FEEL whole. And real.
The attached article gives some details of what those real whole food bennies are and how to start to pick ‘em. Go for it
Questions? Post them here for the best answers I can offer you….


Stress is Toxic. It can take it’s toll on our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. When we don’t have time to slow down is when we actually need it most.  Take some time to take care of you – every day. Choose one or more of these ideas to get you started:

1. Get enough sleep

2. Take time to prioritize your day each morning, or the night before. Choose just the top 2-3 things you want to get done today.

3. Reduce computer and TV time

4. Eat slowly

5. Take deep breaths throughout the day
6. Connect with family and friends

7. Enjoy a hot bath

8. Listen to music

9. Meditate or pray

10. Focus on the positive

11. Find something joyful each day to experience.

Check out this article to find out how stressed you are – TAKE YOUR STRESS TEST HERE (but don’t stress over it!) =]:

What’s the big deal about breakfast?
“I do fine waiting, and I’m not even hungry til noon” Sorry friend, you are doing yourself no favors. Why?
That body of yours has been working hard all night, processing your food, nutrients, and waste. It has put in a lot of brainpower in sorting all those experiences, sensory stimulation, thoughts, and newly learned material into files, from long term vaults to short term folders and even the circular file. It’s dehydrated and depleted, and you want to starve it for a few more hours while
you fit in a workout and several hours at ‘full function’ with valuable output at work? On an adrenal straining black coffee to boot? No go, chickadoodle.

Here are the benefits multiple studies show you are missing in skipping breakfast:
1. Improved concentration and performance.
2. More strength and endurance for physical activity.!
3. Lower cholesterol levels (with or without eggs, silly!).!
4. Weight control (reduces hunger and making better food choices throughout the rest of the day). People who skip it are 4.5 times more likely to be obese than those who don’t.!
5. Better blood sugar levels, protecting against insulin resistance (take THAT, pre-diabetes risk!)!
6. More energy, less tired throughout the day.!
7. Boosted short term memory (with a low-medium calorie high energy start).!
8. Less fat and more nutrients consumed that benefits body function.!
9. Reduces morning crankiness.!
10. Boosts metabolism, kickstarts calorie burn for more hours in the day.!
11. Prevents body from going into starvation mode (see the ‘why’ above).!
12. Prevents mid morning energy and brain slump.! !
My three favorites breakfasts are:!
*Homemade low sugar granola with organic plain or vanilla yogurt!
*Old fashioned cooked oatmeal with a handful of walnuts, frozen wild blueberries, and a sprinkle
of ground flax seed!
*Sauteed chopped onion, mushroom, peppers, and spinach scramble with an organic egg,
topped with sea salt, black pepper, turmeric, and a big dollop of salsa.!

Here’s a link to some more ideas for a healthy start to your day:
(and there are some great healthy and delicious smoothie recipes in my ‘go-to’ anti cancer resource “Leave Cancer In The Dust” by my good friend Kristina Sampson – The Vail Diet, found at, on Amazon, or at some local bookstores in Denver and Edwards CO.

What do we mean, eat mindfully?
No, not literally. For, to eat with a mind full is to not pay attention to your eating, because your mind is already too busy calculating your bills, remembering what time you have to get your kids to soccer or the concert, and how much work you brought home to do tonight, and wait, did you eat, you must have because your plate is now empty, but your stomach hasn’t registered it yet so why not another big dollop of mac n cheese? Or did you already take seconds?

No, eating mindfully is the concept of paying attention, or ‘attending’ to the action of eating. Why is this even important, you may wonder as you multitask while shoving your dinner down in a hurry to get to the next item on the agenda. Here are some really good reasons eating mindfully is great for your health, and well worth doing:
*allows proper digestion of nutrients.! !
*discourages development of body fat storage.! !
*less likely to overeat, hence fewer calories taken in that will have to be stored as fat, and also feeling uncomfortably full…or guilty.
*decreases stress during eating, which keeps metabolism from lowering, reducing emotional eating, and helping to better digest food
*enjoy the taste, texture, and smell of what you paid for and prepared.! !
*heals a variety of eating issues.! !

Ok, ok, maybe I’ll try it, you say. But how? It’s simple in action, but tougher in self discipline (no multi-tasking, please!). Here are some tips to help you get started:
*set a special place to sit and enjoy your food each time you eat. Yes, EACH time, not just meals, but every. single. snack. Use a dish and silverware. You bet this will decrease your snacking simply in the interest of time! But even more, it sets the tone for paying attention to your eating. Make it even more special with nice linens, a candle, or special lighting. You’re
worth it.
*Look. Observe the variety of colors and shapes and different food groups in front of you, and even imagine what nourishment each offers to you, even be grateful for it, before you ingest it. I know, I know, “blah blah blah, I want no ‘zen’ in my meal, just gimme the eats!” Trust me, this grows on you, to the point you will begin exploring more valuable nutrient rich choices to place
there. Just try it.
*Breathe in deeply and savor the aroma. This is the beginning of your digestion, as your salivary glands and metabolism kick into action in anticipation – instantly at the ready to digest that stuff and get the goods out. In addition, you’ll begin selecting some nice herbs and seasonings that enhance your meal experience….a far better chef than ‘Boyardee’.! !
*Taste. Slowly, in the mouth, move that food around to all the parts of your tongue – sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and the ever elusive umami (for the uninitiated, this is the distinct, often difficult to describe savory tasting due to interaction of amino acids with tongue receptors). Hold each bite in the mouth to take in as much flavor as you can before swallowing. Except when your stomach is growling or you are starving, this is the best part of eating anyway, it’s where all the enjoyment of the food takes place. What did you THINK those tastebuds were put there for, anyway?
*Chew. A lot. Try for 30 chews per bite before swallowing. Bet you can’t make it (beef jerky excepted)! And notice while you do which foods last longest and are still there to swallow and which have dissipated into slimy nothingness far sooner. Chances are, you’ll discover those still swallowable are the more whole, natural, and nutritious – and those that dissolved earliest the most simple, and less nutrient rich carbs. Huh. Insight? By-product of this exercise is that you’ll tend to choose more of the foods that don’t slime out on you early, thereby increasing that happy palate as well as your nutrition.! !
*Rest. Put down your utensil between bites. If you are seated with someone, enjoy easy conversation. The French have this down – take a tip from them! If alone, look around and take in your surroundings, the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of everything around you. Too zen again? Slowing down is good, if somewhat foreign to you. Just try it.! !
*Sip, don’t guzzle your drink. No need to smash down all that food to make room for more in there! Enjoy the flavor, even if it’s water (if you don’t think plain water has flavor, try sampling a glass of regular water and a glass of distilled, you’ll see what I mean!).
*Leave the TV, newspaper, book, computer smartphone, homework, or work alone. Like in another room. Or at least off and out of hand or focus. “WHAT? That’s the LAST STRAW. NO”.
Seriously, give this a good go – you’re tough, you can DO THIS! Take it in baby steps – one meal the first day. Two meals the second and so on. Give it an honest effort for at least a week and see if it doesn’t grow on you.! !
Enjoy and grow healthier. Finally, here’s a fun little tongue in cheek blog post to enjoy by someone who appreciates this
challenge you’re choosing:…/mindful-eating-_b_4805568.h…

Don’t have time for it, you say? Not so fast, Grasshopper!! !
What if….you spent 5 minutes metabolizing your feelings INSTEAD OF a day full of worry and
hanging on it?! !
What if… dumped stuff on a piece of paper/electronic note INSTEAD OF being hostage to
unconscious choices and overeating driven by those feelings?! !
What if…..five minutes each day results in losing weight simply by allowing your natural
behavior to shine through INSTEAD OF those unexpressed feelings?! !
What if…..your hormone production becomes more balanced because you are not holding
those emotions in, but INSTEAD expressing them in a safe and harmless way (barring sending
any nasties via email or FB posts anyway!)?! !
*Improved mental health (I’ll go out on a limb here and guess most axe murderers do NOT
*Express and grow your creativity (hey, you never know, there might be an author in you, or
maybe it will bring out exactly what you were meant to do in your life!)!
*Tracks mistakes, successes, and healthy choices (to reflect on and learn from or celebrate!)! !
There are lots of ways to record your thoughts, including journaling, ‘morning pages’, audio
recording, even, ahem, blogging! Here’s are a couple ‘how to’ links to get you motivated:! !
Early Morning Pages:!
How and Why To Journal:…! !
Pick a cool paper or notebook that inspires you, your favorite color pen, your best app,
whatever. Go ahead, shed that ‘stuff’ with some fun and creativity for a double win!! !

Seven aspects/Seven days: Day six:! CONTROL STRESS LEVELS!! !
Stress is Toxic. It can take it’s toll on our bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. When we
don’t have time to slow down is when we actually need it most!! !
Take some time to take care of you – every day! Choose one or more of these ideas to get you
1. Get enough sleep
2. Take time to prioritize your day each morning, or the night before. Choose just the top 2-3
things you want to get done today.
3. Reduce computer and TV time
4. Eat slowly
5. Take deep breaths throughout the day
6. Connect with family and friends
7. Enjoy a hot bath
8. Listen to music
9. Meditate or pray
10. Focus on the positive
11. Find something joyful each day to experience.
Check out this article to find out how stressed you are – TAKE YOUR STRESS TEST HERE (but
don’t stress over it!) =]:!…/stress-symptoms-causes-and-effec…

What, workouts, enjoyable?
Well, first, let’s open up what is possibly a closed attitude about moving our bodies were designed to move, we’re not sponges growing in the sea, after all. How do you think we became the upright mammals we are? Some of you may already be recognizing we are, as a species, regressing into horizontal beings as couch potatoes, aren’t you? Don’t be one of them.

Back to getting moving.
The goal is at least 30 minutes of walking daily, but if even that seems insurmountable, start where you are right now. The idea is to get that blood moving through your body, oxygenating your cells – and helping the blood carry waste from digestion and other metabolism out. It also boosts your metabolism, reduces your chance of dangerous blood clots, and increasing your brain function (it’s the O2, silly) so you can always be at the top of your game! Not only that, it increases your ‘happiness’ factor, your self image, and decreases stress (a major factor in maintaining good health)

Here’s a study on that brain bit:
The simplest of strategies is to be sure to get up from whatever you’re doing at least once every
hour and activate your muscles by moving them around for a few minutes. It can be anything
from a quick couple flights of steps at your office to a stroll around the block. Three – 10 minute
sessions, or six – 5 minute sessions will get you 30 minutes of moving. No pricey, fancy
equipment required.! !
From there, get creative. What DO you like to do that involves movement? Jumping jacks or
other calisthenics? Jumping rope? Trampoline? A few push-ups and sit ups? Maybe those
sound like work. A short walk with a coworker or friend in the sunshine gets that valuable vitamin
D while the time passes before you know it while you share a quick story or dump a frustration.
Basketball on the side of the building, or a volley with a tennis ball against a wall (especially
perfect if you’re having a bad day to slam that ball!), or even a few yoga poses in quick
succession either inside or out under a tree?!
Build from there.! !
It was a little tough for me to get inspired to move today – I’m a social exerciser at heart and
hadn’t made a plan to meet up with anyone (take note if you need accountability!). BUT… it is a
beautiful cool breezy day, and I had time to take an hour hike near home. Invigorating uphill 2
miles, I practiced breathing – inhaling through the nose is a challenge for me as a mouth
breather, but a critical skill to develop for hiking here in the desert where your mouth can dry out
in two breaths! On the way back down, I ran into a friend and her hubby to finish that easier
downhill portion, with great conversation and ‘catch-up’ on her life and developing business. Oh,
and the desert bloom is on, with wildflowers popping out of the most improbable desolate
spaces (see photos). I finished feeling very accomplished (16min miles uphill walking pace),
invigorated (conversation and nice cool-down downhill), and inspired (stunning wildflowers and
incredible view).! !
What sort of moving inspires YOU into an ENJOYABLE and healthy day?!
Just Do It!

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