I Do…therefore I Want…

  • I do suffer from sleeplessness and/or fatigue therefore I want to function better all day long
  • I do have trouble managing my weight therefore I want to to find a weight healthy for my body
  • I do experience regular pain in my joints therefore I want freedom of movement and pain relief
  • I Do… want better health NOW

I Feel…therefore I Want…

  • I feel fear of change and what that will look like therefore I want to find and live a braver, bolder life
  • I feel like I need to hide myself in food and behavior therefore I want to learn to serve me and my body better
  • I feel a lack of control in my life therefore I want a confident sense of peace
  • I Feel… ready to love my life NOW

I Believe…therefore I Want…

  • I believe that I am not smart or capable enough therefore I act to discover and live my real true self
  • I believe others will always determine who I am therefore I want to define who I am on my own terms
  • I Believe…I am ready to create the self I want to live NOW

One Body, One Life

The quality of our life and the health of our body is intricately woven. Make yours the amazing one you’ve dreamed of!

Event: Fermented Foods Workshop

 $55 includes all supplies, materials, and starters *make and take home one of each: kombucha*yogurt*kim chi*sauerkraut*kefir RSVP space is limited Click here to prepay   Fermented foods are a very old tradition that...

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Event: The Science Behind Fermented Foods

The Science Behind Fermented Foods, Probiotics, and Gut Health Where: Walking Mountains Science Center, Avon, CO. When: February 10, 2016 Join Holistic Health Coach Paula Roelands for this interactive discussion about the benefits of including fermented foods in your...

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